Victor M Richetti
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About to buy your first house in Garland?

It's a giant accomplishment to buy your first home. Of course with the excitement are also some butterflies. It's in your best interest to have an experienced agent looking out for your best interests, and you'll probably need some advice along the way. I am absolutely able and ready in Garland real estate, and would love to provide assistance with purchasing your first home.


Not everyone with a real estate license is equally equipped to help you find a home. My dedication to you, my client, is what makes the difference. When you hire Pro-Star Realty LLC to help with your first home purchase, here's what you can expect: Let Pro-Star Realty LLC help you with your first home purchase in Garland

• I'll lead you through each turn during the home buying process. From locating the best home among all the properties available in Garland, to advising you on closing costs.

• I'm the local expert, and can assist you with nailing down a wish list of features you want in your community, school district, and your house.

• I'll walk you through the mind-boggling financial aspects of buying a home, including the assorted mortgages and home buying programs at hand.

• You can depend on me to scan all the latest listings, and make sure I forward all the properties that meet your needs.

• Rest assured that I'll do everything in my power to do away with all the strain that accompanies buying your home.

I am ready to help you find your right home in the Garland area!

Didn't see the house of your dreams here? Give me a ring at 972-271-1910 and I'll give you a list of all the homes in the Garland area that meets your needs.